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Garage Door Service in Strongsville, OH

From the simplest adjustment to the latest products on the market, for quality garage door service, the team at Garage door Repair of Strongsville, OH can deliver!

Problems can spring up as a result of a number of factors. Normal wear and tear or extreme weather and temperature fluctuations can contribute to certain issues. We offer a wide range of garage door services to our customers in the Strongsville area. 

When Your Garage Door Acts Up

If your garage door gets stuck, won’t close completely before going back up, or only works half the time, give us a call. 

We can help you easily make small adjustments so you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. Occasionally, our customers can make the necessary adjustments with some guidance. When the job calls for a pro, we can be there quickly.

Here is a list of things you should check first if you have a garage door malfunction:

  • Are the rollers still in the tracks?
  • Are the tracks bent?
  • Have the eye sensors been damaged or knocked out of alignment, or are they covered with dirt or debris?
  • Is the door making a loud noise when opening and closing?
  • Is the weather seal at the bottom damaged or missing?

It is important to keep your door balanced for a longer life. If your door is no longer easy to operate, call us! We partner with customers each day to help solve problems. Let us help you!

Regular Maintenance Is An Essential

Our team provides outstanding emergency garage door service for our community. We also want to encourage homeowners to be aware of the services we offer for regular maintenance. Setting up a regular maintenance routine with us can help you stay ahead of those emergency situations. Things such as having a yearly lube and tune done for your door will keep it running for the long haul.

Our emergency service is one of our calling cards. But don’t wait until a crisis situation! We invite homeowners to take immediate advantage of our regular maintenance options. Select a consistent maintenance schedule to help avoid more costly repair situations down the road. A yearly Lube ‘N Tune to keep the door in top shape is a great first step!

Moving parts like rollers, springs, and openers with a chain assembly require lubrication. We can check for loose hardware and take care of any needed adjustments. Our technicians will inspect to see if safety standards are met.

Benefit Of Preventative Maintenance

Our recommended best practice for routine maintenance and repair is once a year. Spring and fall months are the preferred time for many of our customers. Even if you don’t notice anything, it’s always a good idea to make sure everything with your system works properly. 

Our technician will inspect the system and adjust the tension on the spring for optimal performance. Your door should be easy to operate. We can look for signs of issues on any parts so that you don’t end up with a broken down garage door. A regular visit from one of our techs is essential!

Call Us And We Can Get There Today!

Our trusted professional team at Garage Door Repair of Strongsville, OH will help with all of your garage door service needs. We are proud to offer same day service so that you get a precise repair from the pros at a convenient time. Just pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment today!

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